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MedForce is a doctor-led initiative mobilising doctors and the private sector to support the provision of medical teleconsultation to Migrant Workers and Domestic Helpers.

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What We Do

Bringing Change

We are a group of doctors working with on-site medical team in providing round the clock teleconsultation to the Migrant Workers. The objective is to supplement the existing care for MWs provided by on-site medical teams, outposts and PHPCs. We provide symptomatic relief for those requiring and escalate the care when required.
With support from the Government Ministries, we have provided close to 8000 medical teleconsultations to Migrant Workers staying in the dormitories. These dormitories include bigger Purpose-Built Dormitories to smaller Factory-Converted Dormitories. This includes video consultation service, medication delivery and ambulance conveyance if needed. Most of the medicine are donated by our own doctors and majority of the operational expenses is funded by our own affiliated medical clinics. Our volunteer doctors provide overnight remote support when the medical posts and PHPC clinics are closed. We provide the list of patients seen over night as well as the recommended follow-up actions to the dormitory operators and on-site medical team for follow-up care. We work with private telehealth companies to deploy tele-kiosks to dormitories. While many of the MWs have phones, these phones maybe of older models with poor cameras and may not support video teleconsultation. These tele-kiosks that are equipped with tablets with functional camera and remote monitoring devices will assist in better delivery of care.







Join Our Team

Dr Rachel Teoh
MBBS, Dip Derm, Dip Fam Med

Your help will support our most urgent priorities in providing timely medical treatment and care to the Migrant Workers who might have exhausted other sources of medical aid. If you are keen to join our team, you can contact me at

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